Li:P of paint for 2014 | missions pössible

2014 and its looking fresh, plenty going on, exhibitions and inspirations for the past 8 weeks have been incredible here in Melbourne. It started with the local street performers around the festive period which extended into the new year along with the hot days. We saw everything from fine art drawn in chalk on the roads, young local lads in the allies of Hosier Lane  causing some ‘Legal Trouble’. The guys and girls down there continue to impress, {the lane itself has been known to change it’s entire outlook in just 1 day – see link above} gonna be heading back out there very soon with a camera for a walk through so keep your eyes peeled on here, and the FB and Twitter for updates.

The recent Fashion weeks around the globe have certainly got everyone stirring, least of all us here at DesignbyBates, we’ve been meeting some nice people amongst the up-n-comin stylists and theres some pretty amazing ideas being bounced around the office. Its getting us all excited and Melbourne is providing the motivation for us all.

Finally we would all like to say how good it feels to be back with a fresh site. We were having problems with the server providers, a few broken bones and some bits and bobs here and there and we decided to celebrate the chinese new year and give you all a treat with the introduction of some amazing blog features so keep in touch with us and lets get this show on the road!…..